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Monday, July 6, 2009

About AGEL

Most importantly is i am not a person who simply selling something without making research on it. I have spent 16 years of my life eating supplements, through this journey i have learnt so much knowledge about health supplement and medications,too.Also i have personally experienced the goodness of supplements rather than medications to treat my medical conditions.

And please voice out your comment or enquiry through the right channel.In my personal blog at Baiti Jannati, i have prepare a form where you can use to ask anything that you may need to know.Only then i can personally and closely answer all your questions.Shoutbox isn't a right place to ask anything, especially regarding products and business.Especially when you didn't leave any trackbacks for me to track you back.These entry is specially written to answer you.So please spend your time to read it thoroughly.

AGEL IS NOT CLASSIFY AS DRUG OR MEDICATION.IT HAS BEEN CLASSIFY BY KKM AS FOOD SUPPLEMENT (FOOD).Therefore, it does not need permissions or approval by Pharmaceutical under KKM as it is just part of Food. AGEL has been widely used as a supplement, not to be used as a medication to treat, cure or prevent any diseases.However, AGEL does have WADA certification (world anti doping agency) meaning its not a drug, contains no drug nor steroids and can be used by athletes during competetion(for is doesnt contains drugs!)The AGEL quality is beyond what other health supplement can offer.

All you need to know about this revolutionary products. About the inventory of GELCEUTICALS technology, get out of those old fashioned pills, powders and juices. Discover the high-quality, high tech gel that makes nutrition EFFECTIVE, EXACT, QUICK, CONVENIENT AND FLAVOURFUL. It's what AGEL can change in the WELLNESS industry. Gel nutritionals are a new form of ingesting nutritional supplements. Gels are NOT pills, NOT powder, and NOT juice. It is a new delivery system, first in the world and patented for better administration of nutritional supplements.

Why supplements are so important?
The world is facing a serious health challenge right now. People aren't getting the nutrition their bodies need through their diet. The empty calories we eat provide fat, but not much nutrition. Our bodies are crying out for true nourishment.

Agel's research into nutrient delivery lead to the breakthrough of suspension gel technology. It's not about another "super pill" or "magic juice"; it's a change in the delivery mechanism.

Agel's products are changing the way people take nutritionals and maintain and improve their health. It's about tried and true nutritional supplements in a more potent and convenient form.

The world is facing a nutrition-based health crisis. Poor nutrition costs billions of dollars and is killing us one bite at a time!

The world is facing a serious health challenge right now. And it is getting worse. We are the most overfed, but nutrient-poor nation on Earth. Our diet includes more and more processed food substitutes instead of real food. We've actually convinced ourselves that things like cake, cookies and chips are actually food.

People aren't getting the nutrition their bodies need through their diet. So they crave more and eat more. But these empty calories provide fat, but not much nutrition. Our bodies are crying out for true nourishment.

This problem is spreading worldwide, as fast food outlets proliferate, and our busy lifestyles force more and more of us to eat on the go. People everywhere are in serious need of proper nutrition.


Pills, powders and juices are not the answer.

Study after study has shown that many vitamin and mineral supplements simply pass through your body - providing you with limited or even no nutrients.

The Problem: your body simply can't assimilate the nutrition it needs from some pills, capsules and tablets.

Also, many children and elderly people have extreme difficulty swallowing pills. Others choose not to because of the inconvenience, and bad smell. Others complain of upset stomachs, the dreadful taste and "vitamin burps." And for people on the go, needing to take water with the pills is a hassle.

Powders fare no better. Ever try to mix up a diet or nutritional shake while sitting down at a restaurant - you feel stupid and it's messy. Or how about while driving your car. That could end your health problems real quick!

Or what about those "magic potions," the juices from every unknown bean and berry on the planet. Sure many of them have wonderful benefits, but did you ever try lugging a wine bottle with you all day long. And how about the taste of most of them - YUCK! They just don't fit in to our lifestyle.

But probably the biggest challenge for most people is not knowing what supplements they should take - and which ones to choose from the 1000s of brands on display in the store, pharmacy or supermarket.

People are confused and don't know who to trust. Store clerks are rarely any help, having no idea themselves. But a recent technological breakthrough is changing all that.

Agel's research into nutrient delivery led to the breakthrough of suspension gel technology.

Recently, the scientists at Agel Enterprises reached a technological breakthrough in nutrition, with the introduction of their suspension gel technology.

Elite tri-athletes and marathon runners have been experimenting for several years with small packets of gel, looking for a timely blast of energy. Agel researches wondered if this same concept would work for daily consumption of critical components like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

This led the Agel researchers and scientists to develop Agel's proprietary suspension gel technology. By suspending the nutrients in a gel and packaging it in convenient individual servings, Agel's innovative new gel packs let consumers get their nutrition on the run.

This new scientific breakthrough in nutrient delivery and assimilation is revolutionizing the wellness industry.

There are four critical factors that influence the efficiency of any nutritional supplements you take:
  • Properly timed ingestion
  • Correct quantities of nutritional components
  • High bioavailability of the nutrients
And the most critical factor: YOU'VE GOT TO ACTUALLY TAKE THEM!

Agel gel packs accomplish all four of these factors. Through suspension gel technology, your daily nutrients can be taken anywhere, quickly and easily. This facilitates the proper timing for taking the supplements with meals, magnifying the absorption and utilization of each nutrient.

These supplements are not "mega-doses" your body mostly discards or made from one-dimensional "magic berries." Agel's supplements are formulated to contain the physiologically perfect quantities of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Their proprietary suspension gel technology ensures that the nutrients are highly bio-available and therefore quickly and more completely absorbed by your body.

Taste is important! It goes back to the fourth and most important critical factor mentioned above - honestly, if you can't stand the taste of your supplements you aren't going to take them.

An important factor the scientists and researchers at Agel took into account was the actual taste of the product. The cold hard truth is most people won't take anything they don't like. Even if it is good for them. So the product development team worked extra hard, creating a product line that not only works great, but tastes great too!

Agel's innovative gel packs take nutrition to the next generation. For the first time ever, you can get the nutrition you need with maximum bio-availability, tasty flavor and total convenience. Agel gel packs are perfect for people on the go.

The strength and uniqueness of the Agel product line lies not in touting some "magic fruit" or "miracle cure all", but in the combination of:
  • A Revolutionary Delivery System - Convenient and effective.
  • Tried and True Ingredients - Time tested and scientifically proven.
  • Great Taste - Finally, a supplement you will enjoy taking.
The revolutionary new delivery system is what excites most people. Do you remember when yogurt first became available in tubes? It quadrupled the children's market for yogurt. Do you remember when Listerine came out with their "breath strips"? It created an entirely new category of products!

Or how about the transition from records, to cassette tapes, to CDs and now to MP3 players. Same music - different delivery mechanism - and each step up was a vast improvement.

Agel is impacting $250 billion health and wellness industry like the iPod impacted and improved the way we listen to music and watch video. Agel is improving the way people consume nutritional products forever more just like the Internet and email changed and improved the way we communicate with one another.

Agel is the inventor and owner of the patent-pending technology which has created an entirely new way to deliver nutritional supplements that is more convenient and more effective than any other method. And Agel's initial four products are just the beginning. Imagine the possibilities of all the different types of products, nutritionals and even medicines that Agel can suspend in gel and put into these convenient gel packs.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I received an email from a friend who commented that she has experience so much improvement within 5 days of taking AGEL. The improvement including ::

  • breastmilk production
  • energy booster
  • her baby's health after taking AGEL


(enhance with vitamin D3, vitamin K2, horsetail plant extract calcium aspartate,ipriflavone, and magnesium for maximum absorption.Plus, the gel form making it easily delivered to your body system(maximum absorption 90%-100% within 5 minutes for it is a gel based)
-- this is the one that miss Nurul take, and it works even after 1 sachet

Contains FUCOIDAN to encourage APOPTOSIS of bad cells

Cancer patient, diabetic, and any health problems, INSYAALLAH

exotic anti-oxidants
from 17 berries(wild berries) and 300 antioxidants plus the antocyanins VITAMIN A,C AND E plus antocyanins.
Anti ageing, anti bust sagging ( use it on ur bust's skin to refirm th sagging bust..yes...its my own testimony..heheehhe)

Sebagai rujukan ::

FULL SETS 16 months supply :: RM4000
BASIC SETS 5 month supply:: RM1000


want to but loose pack or single box with cheaper price??

momluvyou at gmail dot com