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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why you should join AGEL

AGEL system is really superb! You can enroll at anytime by yourself, no need to attend to the office.You can enroll from your home or office computer at anytime, simply click HERE to enroll. Choose your prefered membership package as per listed below ::

  • EXECUTIVE PACK - Price : maximum RM4000 Depending on the selected product. 16 boxes (480 pack for one year supply)
  • PERSONAL PACK - Price : RM 945 4 boxes (120 pack)

If you think that as expensive, think it again. Coz even to become a franchisee of a burger stall you will need at least RM10,000 (ten thousand ringgit malaysia).No kidding!

But for an international business like AGEL that only needs RM4000 to be an executive member, that is far too cheap(murah sangat) I myself started with RM4K and in my first month, i earn RM5200 from home(my bonus paid by AGEL), plus RM4800 from selling those 16 boxes AGEL that i purchased, so total i earn for first month is RM10,000 in my first month!!!

I'm doing this part time.I have no friends nor colleagues as i am a housewife.This business is not a picisan business, coz i know how skeptic Malaysian are towards the word 'MLM'. Do you know that Robert T Kiyosaki and Donald Trump recommends network marketing (MLM) as the most effective way to achieve financial freedom and to move to the business quadrant?Same goes to Randy Gage and Bill Gates. They are all already successful business tycoon! Why should they recommend the 'picisan' MLM / network marketing? Thats the knowledge you can gain by reading this book :

If you want a preview copy of this book (e-book preview copy) simply email me at, providing your full name in your email.


Save up to 20% on products as an Agel Team Member and earn some extra money recommending Agel products to others. Choose "Team Member" instead of Preferred Customer. Here’s out Team Member price:-

  • Agel EXO - RM 234.50(normal price RM281.40)
  • Agel FIT - RM 234.50
  • Agel OHM - RM 234.50
  • Agel CAL - RM 252.00 (normal price RM302)
  • Agel UMI - RM 280.00(normal price RM336)
  • Ageless Full Size Kit - RM 920.00(normal price RM1350)
  • Agel MIN - *SGD 126.14
  • Agel FLX - *SGD 156.10
  • Agel HRT - *SGD 136.80

* not in Malaysia market yet

I have created a new blog at where i have put many new testimonials and reviews from clients and also articles on how fucoidan in UMI can help curing the H1N1 influenza!!! Hurry get in there now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Gel dihasilkan melalui pencairan atau hidrasi dua jenis getah atau gam yang terdiri dari guar gam dan xantham gam. Guar gam diperolehi dari kacang guar manakala xantham gam diperolehi dari bjirin jagung. Kedua-duanya tentu sekali berasal dari sumber alam semulajadi.

Gel yang dihasilkan ini terdiri dari rantaian molekul polisakarida yang panjang dan terdapat banyak molekul hidroksil pada tepinya yang boleh menarik air ke dalamnya.

Polisakarida ini ada mengembang di dalam air, jadi hanya kuantiti yang sedikit diperlukan untuk membentuk matrik gel yang tebal. Polisakarida tersusun secara bersilang-silang dan berlengkar-lengkar dan di celah-celah gumpalan ini terdapat ruang yang dinamakan persekitaran mikro ("microenvironment"). Di dalam persekitaran mikro inilah disimpan bahan-bahan makanan tambahan seperti viamin, bahan mineral, pati buah-buahan dan ekstrak tumbuhan.

Gel nutrisi (Agel) adalah berasakan konsep penyimpanan vitamin, mineral, ekstrak buah-buahan dan tumbuhan yang telah mengalami hidrasi yakni telah larut di dalam air di dalam persekitaran mikro di dalam gel, hanya menunggu masa untuk diambil dan diserap ke dalam aliran darah dengan cepat.


We are vitamins, we help many people cured from cancer but we are not PILLS. We are VITAMIN GEL

Hundreds of cancer patients has cured using this product. a gelceuticals product. Proven by testimonials!
• no drugs, no steroids, no pesticides, no alcohol
• HALAL certified by IFANCA (recognised by JAKIM)
• WADA certified (confirm no drugs)
• US's products
• no herbs, no pills
• 2nd ranking in the world

the best part of it, not only for cancer patient can cured using his product :-
• Eczema
• Asthma
• Diabetic
• Overweight
• Obesity (can slim without dieting-no harm)
• Diabetics
• Kidney failure

Persatuan kanser negeri Kelantan menggunakan vitamin gel ini untuk merawat pesakit kanser di negeri berkenaan.


Hi guys,

There's an interesting study from Spain on the Swine Flu situation.
It suggest that fucoidan, the active ingredient in Agel UMI, may
help prevent Swine Fever.

The study found that fucoidan has been shown to have an inhibitory
effect on the replication of the Swine Fever virus when fucoidan
was present at the time of virus adsorption. *

For you guys that like medical jargon, it says: "Several
polyanionic substances, including fucoidan, were investigated for
their inhibitory effect on the replication of African swine fever
virus (ASFV) in vitro. In general, the substances had low toxicity
for Vero cells. The studies with radiolabeled ASF virions suggest
that the sulfated polysaccharides inhibit virus adsorption.
Inhibition of virus replication was found only when the substances
were present during virus adsorption."

In any event, it reinforces what we have always known, that Agel
UMI is a product that everyone should take every day! It really is
a breakthrough product and another Agel exclusive.

Here in the U.S., today is Memorial Day. So I hope you take time
out to say a prayer for our troops in harm's way, and remember our

-Randy Gage

* Antiviral activity of sulfated polysaccharides against African
swine fever virus. Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, Consejo
Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Madrid, Spain.
García-Villalón D, Gil-Fernández C. Centro de Investigaciones
Biológicas, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas,
Madrid, Spain.

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